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Installing an aluminium curtain wall is a stunning way to elevate your property, allowing in more natural light and giving both inside and outside a luxurious feel.

Aluminium Curtain Wall SystemsFrom Hive

As a reputable curtain walling contractor in the UK, we take pride in our position as one of the industry leaders. Our expertise allows us to offer tailored curtain walls for residential homes, apartments and commercial buildings throughout the country.

What Is Aluminium Curtain Walling?

Aluminium curtain walling is an ideal choice when it comes to designing homes with expansive glass features. Although commonly used in commercial buildings, Hive Architectural provides custom curtain walling systems for residential properties.

A curtain wall system is an architectural feature used to cover the exterior of a building. It consists of a metal frame, called a mullion, which supports lightweight materials such as glass, metal panels or thin stone. This system not only enhances the visual appeal of the building but also provides protection and insulation benefits.

Benefits of Curtain Wall Systems

Protection Meets Design

Curtain walling serves a dual purpose – it acts as a protective barrier against severe weather conditions, keeping the interior safe and comfortable. From an architectural perspective, these systems serve as a visual boundary between the interior and exterior spaces of the building.

Luxurious Aesthetic

Floor-to-ceiling glazed aluminium curtain walling offers significant advantages for the exteriors of buildings. By using large glass panels that span multiple floors, a curtain wall system provides a luxurious and visually striking element to large homes. They make a bold statement and become a standout feature in architectural design.

More Natural Light

By incorporating insulating large glass panels, you can maximise the amount of natural light entering your home. Natural lighting makes for a brighter and more vibrant environment.

Thermal Insulation

Aluminium curtain walling is a smart choice for your building façade. It consists of different types of glass, including solar control, transparent, translucent or opaque glass. This combination helps to regulate heat effectively and prevents the accumulation of excessive heat within the curtain wall system. The feature not only helps to prevent the greenhouse effect but also maintains a comfortable indoor environment for occupants.

Safety and Security

Aluminium curtain walling systems are meticulously designed to handle a range of challenges. They’re built to resist air and water infiltration, withstand wind-induced sway, combat seismic forces and support the weight of the structure itself. This is why they are typically seen in high-rise buildings.

Aluminium Curtain Walling For Your Home

Curtain walling systems have been transformed by the introduction of thinner, aluminium profiles. This innovation has greatly increased their versatility, making them suitable for buildings of all sizes. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, you can find both horizontal and vertical curtain walling options in our extensive range.

Why Choose Hive For Curtain Walling?

Our systems have numerous benefits in terms of installation, transportation and manufacturing. With the use of lightweight materials, they effectively reduce construction costs. Each wall can be customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of your project, providing a unique and tailored solution.

We have experience in manufacturing and creating aluminium profiles and glazing variants for both commercial projects and private homes. You can view some of our previous work in our gallery.

Over 25 Years Of Experience

Hive Architectural specialises in curtain walling systems that are engineered and installed by a team of experts. With over 25 years of industry experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to your project and are well-equipped to handle any architectural needs related to curtain walling systems.

Located in Manchester, Hive Architectural offers a full range of services including design, fabrication and installation across the UK. We cater to different needs such as providing customised curtain walling systems for construction projects, as well as structural glazing solutions for contemporary buildings and distinctive homes. Rest assured that with Hive Architectural, your requirements will be met efficiently and effectively.

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