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Hive Architectural’s aluminium windows provide a world of opportunities for your property in Manchester

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From conservatories in the vibrant city of Manchester to orangeries in the picturesque countryside, our windows adorn buildings of all sizes with their sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. 

With a diverse range of colours, you can make your mark and create a unique architectural statement reflecting your vision. Let us help you transform spaces into extraordinary works of art.

Aluminium windows are becoming more and more popular in the Greater Manchester residential sector and have emerged as the epitome of modern design and effortless maintenance. These windows not only look super, but they also bring a touch of sophistication to any home. 

As the demand for bi-folding doors continues to rise, these sleek aluminium windows perfectly complement them, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. 

Our aluminium windows are crafted with second-to-none expertise. As the leading fabricators in Manchester, we don’t just measure, supply and fit – we bring your vision to life. 

With a vast range of colours to choose from, your dream windows will seamlessly blend into your space and elevate its aesthetic allure. There are also double-glazing and triple-glazing options to choose from. 

Trust in our unparalleled craftsmanship and let us transform your home or workplace into a haven of contemporary sophistication.

Aluminium Windows for Every Property in Manchester 

No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, our aluminium windows have got you covered. Whether you dream of smaller frames that exude charm for a classic farmhouse or sleek, expansive glass panels for a contemporary masterpiece, our windows will deliver the perfect solution for a range of properties.

Aluminium windows are designed as a complete range, some of which are available with the ‘softline’ feature which is popular with homeowners in Manchester.

There’s a great variety of aluminium windows available at Hive. From classic hinged casements to innovative vertical sliders resembling elegant French sash windows, we have it all. Explore our selection of tilt-turn and reversible windows, designed to bring convenience and style to any commercial space or high-traffic area. Elevate your surroundings with quality windows that are built to impress.

Aluminium Sash Windows in Manchester

Aluminium sash windows are a fantastic choice for heritage and conservation areas in Manchester, especially those characterised by Georgian and Victorian architecture. These windows offer the traditional charm of sash windows while benefiting from the durability and low-maintenance qualities of aluminium materials.

With its user-friendly operation and exceptional natural ventilation rates, the VS 600 is well-suited for buildings with high occupancy. Its ease of use benefits everyone, and its efficient ventilation system ensures a comfortable environment even with more people in the space.

The flush opening window is commonly used in schools and hospitals due to its design that doesn’t protrude into or out of the building. This feature provides a sleek and seamless appearance while maintaining functionality.

VS 600 hardware has been designed alongside the experts at Caldwell and utilises various standard hardware designs. As well as the vertical sliding sash, the VS 600 features a ‘tilt in’ operation that facilitates the cleaning of the external glass.

The system features a low line glazing gasket that will accept 28mm sealed units. The system can achieve overall U Values of 1.6W/m²K and a W.E.R. C rating. VS 600 windows also feature concealed drainage and a concealed coupling option.

Assembly of VS 600 is optimised through square cut outer frame and sash joints which require minimal machining, aiding fabrication.

Contact us for more information about our aluminium sash windows.

Casement Aluminium Windows Manchester

The latest addition to the Alitherm suite of window and door systems, Alitherm 500 provides a range of high-quality windows for your project. 

With options including side-hung and top-hung flush casement windows, Alitherm 500 windows are suitable for both residential and light commercial applications.

The Alitherm 500 window system is designed with Smart’s cutting-edge polyamide thermal break technology. This advanced feature effectively blocks the transfer of cold air from outside, keeping the warmth inside your space.

With this technology, the thermal transmittance is greatly reduced, leading to an enhancement in the overall U Value of the window. Alitherm 500 offers a variety of colours to choose from, including both standard and non-standard options. You can also opt for single or dual colours, with an extensive selection that includes Smart’s Naturals, Sensations, Alchemy and Cotswold colour ranges.

Aluminium Slimline Windows Manchester

Alitherm Heritage HD is specifically designed to address the needs of heritage projects that require a larger opening sash size than what a standard Alitherm Heritage casement window can offer. It provides an ideal solution for maintaining the historical integrity of buildings while accommodating larger windows.

The Alitherm Heritage range is crafted to cater to the requirements of refurbishment and renewal projects, with a special emphasis on those located in areas where planning sensitivity is of utmost importance. They’re ideal for Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco projects since the range of windows is proven in a wide range of renovation, refurbishment and heritage projects across the UK. It provides a modern, high-performance replacement for traditional steel or timber windows and doors.

Alitherm Heritage HD is a versatile window system that is suitable for side-hung, top-hung and fixed windows. It not only offers the same traditional aesthetics but also features slim sightlines that the Alitherm Heritage range is known for. The system is equipped with Sterling hinges and longer locking rods, which enable the opening sash sizes to be expanded as per the specific requirements of each project. This ensures that the system can adapt to different needs and provide a custom fit for every individual project.

Our Alitherm Heritage ranges offer a wide selection of hardware options that perfectly complement the Victorian and Art Deco styles. From the elegant ‘Monkey Tail’ design to the unique ‘Bulb’ finish, our products are specifically crafted to match window furniture synonymous with these iconic architectural eras. 

Powder-Coated Aluminium Windows 

Powder-coated aluminium windows offer a range of benefits, thanks to their unique protective coating. This coating provides advantages in terms of both performance and aesthetics. It not only protects the windows from various environmental factors but also enhances their overall appearance. 

Polyester powder coating is widely used for windows, doors and aluminium extrusions with various properties. It is the most common type of powder coating for these applications. In addition to polyester, there are other options available such as thermoplastics like unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). These coatings offer different benefits and can be chosen based on specific requirements.

Sliding Aluminium Windows 

Sliding windows are a great option for spaces where you need a window but don’t want it to take up any extra room. They open horizontally, so they won’t protrude into your interior or exterior space. This makes them both stylish and practical for any setting.

Choices offers one of their most popular products with cutting-edge polyamide thermal technology, ensuring excellent energy efficiency. The product also boasts market-leading hardware and comes with high-security locking as a standard feature. It’s no surprise that this particular product is a top choice for our customers.

One great option for easy-opening windows in kitchen areas is the Horizontal Sliding Windows. They are particularly well-suited for placement above counters and sinks. Compared to crank-style awnings or casement windows, these sliding windows offer the advantage of faster opening and closing mechanisms.

Because sliding windows open without using any exterior or interior space, they fit perfectly in spaces where you wouldn’t want a window to protrude – making them just as practical as they are stylish.

Colours for Aluminium Windows in Manchester 

We have a huge range of aluminium window styles available and because aluminium is typically more modern in design, the most popular colour choices with our customers tend to be our RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and our RAL 9005 Jet Black. This is an option with all of our aluminium windows. You can upgrade to have them powder-coated in any RAL colour you wish. 

High Security Aluminium Windows 

High-security friction hinges can be specified which offer smooth effortless opening but when closed have a locked arm located into the frame. 

A turn of the handle operates the shoot bolt locking mechanism and drives high-strength brass alloy bolts into the frame into die-cast keeps in the outer frame. The locking mechanism also offers a lockable ‘night-vent’ position.

Your Aluminium Windows Installers Manchester 

We’re proud to provide a premium service in Manchester without the premium price tag. With over 25 years of experience, our team is well-equipped to put the finishing details on your project.

You can expect a fantastic result with our team on your side. We take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why we’re the number one choice for aluminium windows in Manchester.

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