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For the past 25 years, Hive Architectural has been the industry-leading specialist in the fabrication and installation of Visofold aluminium bifold doors across Tameside.

Beautiful Bi-folds in Tameside Areas

The concertina type of movable doors offers an intriguing solution to even the most unique interior design requirements. Their versatility can be a great advantage to bringing unusual flair and style into your space.

In spring or summer, open the doors and let in some natural light -this simple change can completely transform any room and make it feel more cheerful. Even better, you can enjoy a beautiful view instead of just staring at the walls. They’re a great way to make your space look and feel so much better.

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Visual Appeal

Installing bi-folding doors in your Tameside home can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your property. Whether it’s a modern home or something more traditional, stylish sliding doors are an attractive addition to any building.

Hive Architectural provides a wide selection of designs to accommodate your individual preference. Not only do we offer conventional colours and hues, but you can also choose from our exclusive palettes, each featuring a variety of themed colours. We provide a range of fascinating finishes such as anthracite grey, metallic, woodgrain, dual colour, and the exclusive Sensations collection with unique textured looks.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are a preferred choice thanks to their strength, lightweight and durable design. For a more traditional look, wooden bi-folding doors with timber frames are an option as well. For a more durable, long-term solution, these designs may need to be reinforced with an aluminium core to ensure they stay in optimal condition and require less maintenance.

Flexible Design for your Tameside Home

Bifold doors offer a lot of flexibility and can be installed in various configurations for accommodating different spaces – from two to more panels, including corners and bay windows. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for various environments.

The sashes can be folded inwards or outwards, depending on the area you have. You can have a single door by folding one side, or if you wish for two doors, fold them both in the middle. For extra convenience, a ‘traffic door’ can be added – allowing you to get in and out effortlessly, without having to fuss around with lots of different panels.

Safe and Secure

Visofold bi-folding doors are an ideal choice for added security. They come equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms on the main sashes and shoot bolts on floating mullions to help protect your home from potential burglars. Additionally, you can further reinforce your privacy by selecting blinds for bi-folds.

Bi-folding doors eliminate the issue of raised tracks which can be a hazard when using traditional patio doors. Since they are installed at floor level, they also require less space and can be folded to occupy less space when opened. Additional safety features such as child-proofing can also be fitted in order to prevent any incidents.

Thermally Efficiency

All of our bifold doors are equipped with double or even triple glazing. This combined with a polyamide thermal break in the glass ensures maximum energy efficiency, reducing the U-Value of the structure.

Thermal efficiency should significantly decrease the heating bills of your Tameside home during the colder months, as warm air can be trapped inside the living space. This will maintain a pleasant temperature all year round, without you having to pay extravagantly for heating.

Our Visofold doors are exceptionally weatherproof and durable due to the use of EPDM gaskets, UPVC doors and weather brushes.

What are the different kinds of bi-fold doors?

Commercial and Domestic Bi Folding Doors

Hive Architectural offers services to both commercial and residential customers in Tameside. For years, our top-of-the-range aluminium bi-folding doors have been installed in all types of establishments such as bars, cafes and restaurants. They can be opened up in the summer season to allow easy access to a garden or terrace area and even offer a spectacular view on cold winter days.

Internal and External Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Hive Architectural’s bespoke service allows you to install bi-folding doors in your Tameside home not just on its external walls but also in any internal entryway. We provide a customised approach to ensure that your door is perfect for your property.

Two-Panel Bi-fold Doors

Historically, doors with two panels have consisted of a stable panel and another door that could swing open on hinges. Installing a two-panel bi-fold door can double the size of your entryway. The two parts will slide in one direction, enabling an opening to be created on either side – left or right.

Multi-Panelled Bi-fold Doors

Depending on the size of the area where you want to install your bifold doors and how you will get in and out, Tameside homeowners can obtain bi-folds with up to 7 panels linked together.

Hive Architectural can help you identify how many panels best fit your requirements. Installing these aluminium doors can totally transform your living space and lend it a contemporary feel and style. It’s like replacing an entire wall with something chic, modern and stylish.

Various ways to open these doors include:

  • All door panels open to the left or right side
  • Split panels can conveniently open both ways so that the doors can fold inwards or outwards
  • Most panels slide in one direction, with the end panel being hinged as a traffic door, offering you the convenience of entering or exiting the area quickly, without having to slide all of them back
  • Two panels open in a traditional French door fashion while the other panels slide to the side

Dream bi-folding doors in the North West

At Hive Architectural, our Tameside clients have the option of a completely tailored service when purchasing their bi-folding doors. From precision machined methods to expert hand-crafted techniques, your new sliding doors will be made to measure and perfectly fit your building’s specifications. We alos supply bi fold doors in all areas of Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

Quality Control

Our aluminium bi-fold doors go through an extensive series of quality control assessments and security checks at each stage of manufacturing. Rest assured they are completely safe and compliant with all safety regulations.

Professional Folding Door Installation

Our company vehicles will ship the finished bi-folding doors to your Tameside address, guaranteeing their secure and punctual arrival. Hive Architectural’s expert installers will fit your aluminium doors without hassle, quickly and without disturbing your home. Their extensive experience in the field helps them to achieve a clean installation with utmost efficiency.

Why Tameside Customers Choose Hive Architectural for their Bifold Door Installations

For a quarter of a century, Tameside located, Hive Architectural, has been crafting and supplying aluminium bi-fold doors, establishing itself as the leader in the industry.

If you’re in Tameside and looking for custom bifold designs, we can provide them at competitive prices. You’ll receive fast and efficient service with our one-to-one after-sale support.

Our Visofold bi-fold doors are compliant with the UK Building Regulations Document L 2010, which guarantees their safety and reliability.

Contact us online, call 0161 339 9375, or email to enquire about our great range of bi-folding door solutions.


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